Holter is a device which records electrical activities of people who have cardiac symptoms in routine daily life. Holter equipment has two versions: Rhythm holter (ECG holter) and tension (blood pressure) holter. Our team completes the procedure and starts the recording at your place according to the preference of our cardiologist.

Holter application can be done in patient’s place if he/she cannot or does not prefer to go the hospital. After a certain time interval, our staff stops recording, takes off the device, resumes the result and informs the patient.

Advantages of “Holter Application at Home” Service;

  • Achieving healthcare in your own environment,
  • Having tailor – made healthcare,
  • Feeling comfortable about being at home, not hospital.
  • Less lack of time,
  • Diminishing risk of infection which might occur in hospital environment,
  • Patient privacy is at the highest level,
  • Having high quality of life of patient and the family,

Having “Holter application at home” service on time or whenever you wish.

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