“Laboratory at Home” Service:

Blood or other secretion samples which are necessary for our doctors while examining and treating the patient or for routine controls, are collected by our experienced nurses. Also, the results are evaluated by our doctors for health care management.

Laboratory tests:
  • COVID PCR, COVID 19, Influenza Fast Test, antibody tests,
  • Blood tests (for metabolic parameters and vitamin-mineral levels) Hemogram (total blood count),
    Hemogram (whole blood count),
  • Hemoglobin A1c (gives an idea about last 3 months’ blood glucose level),
    Sedimentation and CRP measurements as a diagnostic tool for infections, rheumatic disorders etc.
  • Occult blood in feces (the first alarm for carrying out further examinations for bowel disorders),
  • Liver enzyme measurements which inform us about liver diseases,
  • Thyroid function tests,
  • ECG, echocardiography as an indicator of cardiac function,
    Gynecological tests that can be an indicator for some genital diseases,
  • Urological tests like renal enzymes, uric acid, total and free PSA, total urine evaluation and other urinary tests,
  • Tissue or secretion culture-antibiogram,
  • Culture tests (urine culture, wound swab culture, sputum culture, stool culture).

Laboratory at Home Demand Packages

These packages are prepared for any health evaluation or periodical controls for certain diseases. Here are our packages:

  • Diabetes diagnostic laboratory tests
  • Rheumatic disease diagnostic laboratory tests
  • Blood lipid evaluation package
  • Thyroid diagnostic package
  • Anemia panel
  • Blood electrolyte (mineral) level package
  • Menopause diagnose and evaluation tests
  • Andropause package
  • Hepatitis markers
  • Coronary disease diagnostic panel
  • Female cancer biomarker package
  • Male cancer biomarker package
  • Blood coagulation evaluation tests Kan koagülasyon (pıhtılaşma) değerlendirme paketi
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