Continuous private nurse care (for 12 or 24 hours) can be done at home for discharged but in need of special care patients or as a support for care providers (family members) in the hospital. “Nurse accompaniment at home” is a wholistic health care which is performed with our experienced team.

“Nurse Accompaniment at Home” Service for Who?

  • For the patient who needs continuous medical administration for their life-threatening conditions,
  • For the patient who needs post-operative care,
  • For immobile unaccompanied patients at home or hospital,
  • For patients whose treatment will go on at home after discharge,
  • For the patient who has bad-sores,
  • For the patient on mechanical ventilation,
  • For the patient who are on terminal stage of cancer,
  • For the patient who is discharged from intensive care unit.

Nurse who accompanies patient for 12 or 24 hours manages medical care and also emotional, social, familial, environmental components. Mostly a multidisciplinary approach (doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, psychology, dietician) is held.

Advantages of “Nurse Accompaniment at Home” Service;

  • Achieving healthcare in your own environment,
  • Having tailor – made healthcare,
  • Diminishing risk of infection which might occur in hospital environment,
  • Patient privacy is at the highest level,
  • Having more time with your loved ones at home,
  • Having higher level of quality of life,
  • Preventing exhaustion syndrome of family members.
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