Feel privileged in evaluation and monitorization of your health.

Gazi Health Care at Home presents a wholistic, continuous and tailor-made healthcare service.

Why “Wholistic Tailor-Made Health Monitoring” is Important?

Wholistic and tailor-made healthcare provides a more proper and effective health monitorization. This, increases individual’s quality of life and lets early diagnose of potential health risks.

Advantages of Gazi Healthcare at Home

1. Visit at Home:

Visiting patients at home provides them a doctor examination in their own comfortable environment. Especially for immobile patients or patients with chronic debilitating disease.

2. Tailor – Made Healthcare Program:

Our doctors design a healthcare and follow up program for patients’ individual needs, health status and expectations. So, the healthcare procedures become more efficient.

3. Pharmacotherapy Follow Up and Regular Prescriptions:

Proper use of medicines is crucial for the success of treatment. Gazi Healthcare at Home, monitors rational pharmacotherapy and minimizes adverse effects and drug-drug interactions.

4. Regular Controls:

Regular doctor controls guarantee the proper progress of treatment strategies. And also, make possible to intervene early to the possible health problems.

5. Tests and Measurements:

Our doctor team periodically ask for blood tests or other laboratory measurements for evaluating your health status. Our experienced nurse team takes the samples and conveys them to the laboratory.

6. Informing Patient and Family:

If patient and family members have full and accurate information about the disease and its progression, treatment period can be handled more effectively.

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