Wound care at home is an important issue. Wound care and treatment aim caring and treating the difficult-to-heal or impossible-to-heal tissue damages at any part of the body.

Wound can be in different categories like acute surgical wounds, bedsores, diabetic foot wound, venous ulcers etc. Our experienced team choses the most recent but also economical materials for wound care. Our nurse cleans the wound, cleans the infection and facilitates healing under the supervision of our doctors with the proper frequency of wound care.

Advantages of “wound care at home” service

  • Achieving healthcare in your own environment,
  • Having tailor – made healthcare,
  • Feeling comfortable about being at home, not hospital.
  • Less lack of time,
  • Diminishing risk of infection which might occur in hospital environment,
  • Patient privacy is at the highest level,
  • Having more time with your loved ones at home,
  • Having high quality of life of patient and the family,

Having “wound care at home” service on time or whenever you wish.

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